Profiteer Who’s Relied on Others Inventions or Entrepreneur Going for the Profits in the Cannabis Industry?

Andrew Jones of Connoisseur Concentrates
(Daniel Stindt)

“I’m pleased to announce that Connoisseur Concentrates has secured the federal patent rights for virtually all closed-loop extraction systems in the country,” Jones says. In an interview with WW [Willamette Weekly], Jones says the legal talk was meant to send a message: “I wanted to scare some people.”

Andrew Jones and his company, Connoisseur Concentrates, is making waves in the Oregon cannabis industry. Mr. Jones claims his device, Mr. Extractor, a closed-loop concentrate extraction machine that was patented last year, is the best way to reduce risks and produce a pure product when using butane as a solvent, also known as BHO. Jones’ machine, Mr. Extractor, is manufactured in Tualatin, Oregon and retails for $10,000. Mr. Jones has said he’s sold about 50 so far, although he believes and hopes that the real money lies within licensing the patents. In a video (, Jones and his attorney, Holly Johnston, explain the legal avenues of protection he has secured and warn competitors not to adapt his technology.

Few are more critical of Mr. Jones and his patents than JD Ellis (also known as Graywolf), the man that many in the industry will say developed the process that Jones patented. “I think he’s a sociopath,” Ellis says of Jones. “He’ll say and do anything without remorse and somehow justify it.”

JD Ellis (Graywolf) with his extractor
Photo courtesy of Willamette Week

It seems there’s a bit of bad blood between Skunk Farms, aka JD Ellis/Graywolf and Connoisseur Concentrates, Andrew Jones ( ) . While Jones admits the basic idea for his company originated from a meeting with Ellis, he says it was more out of what he saw that he could improve upon that really started him thinking, safety and home use especially.

So here’s my question, did he really “steal” this idea as a way to profit or was he just acting because he saw the time was right? Should it be a penalty just because someone else didn’t patent they idea, this writer thinks not, you snooze you lose. On that note, there are ways to protect your intellectual property using the poor man’s copyright, ( “Poor man’s copyright is a method of using registered dating by the postal service, notary public, or other highly trusted source to date intellectual property, thereby helping to establish that the material has been in one’s possession since a particular time. The concept is based on the notion that, in the event that such intellectual property were to be misused by a third party, the poor man’s copyright would at least establish a legally recognized date of possession before any proof which a third party may possess.”

In this reporters opinion, the most important information to take from this article is that in an industry, especially a booming one such as cannabis, it is essential to protect your work. Just as in JD Ellis’s instance, no matter how well intentioned you are in regards to getting information and/or products or instructions out to people who need it, such as the sick or disabled, you must patent your ideas/inventions, or someone, just like Andrew Jones, will come along and profit off your work.

What are your thoughts on this article? Do you agree with how Jones handled this? Do you think Ellis has a point about Jones?


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