“Infuse” your New Year party with this great drink recipe.

Quickly “infuse” your New Year party with this great drink recipe that is sure to brighten up your holiday party and help ring in the New Year with a blast.

Are you excited for the New Year? As we wind through the Holidays there is just one more big event ahead of us. Like many, you have probably already thought about what you will wear, or what fab party you will attend, or maybe you are one of the brave souls out there who will be the “host with the most”. 

With cannabis legalization sweeping the nation people in every legal state will be hosting their own cannabis “infused” parties. Perhaps a fully catered cannabis menu by a local cannabis chef in your area, or maybe you are going to give it a shot yourself. Either way, here an easy cannabis-infused delight that will surely keep your party the talk of the town and social groups. 

Before we get started, let’s take a minute to talk about dosages, and keeping people from having a bad experience. A good host would probably want their guest to be awake to actually ring in the New Year. If you will offer a single infused drink or snack, you can consider a slightly stronger edible, however if you plan to serve a full meal with drinks and desert and it all be “infused” then keep every dose small, like real small… If you know people are novice consumers, be a great host by educating them on the process, strain choices, and expected experiences. Okay let’s do this. 

When it comes to your drinks, let’s just say cannabis is known to make for a dry mouth right… So kick dry mouth out of the party and infuse your holiday party with a great cocktail that brings a twist to an old classic with a cannabis coconut mojito.

This refreshing drink will sure to help loosen your guest up a bit while providing a nice gradual introduction of cannabis into the night.

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Cannabis-Infused Coconut Mojito to infuse your holiday party drinks with.

Cannabis Coconut Mojito


1 fresh lime, cut into small pieces

10 mint leaves, no stems

2 tablespoons coconut palm sugar

2 ounces cannabis-infused light rum

2 ounces coconut rum

ice cubes

splash of coconut water

1 young coconut

½ cup of light coconut milk or coconut cream

2 young coconuts or 2 teaspoons dehydrated unsweetened coconut flakes

wooden pestle or ice cream scooper

2 highball glasses

  • Divide lime, mint, and coconut palm sugar evenly into 2 highball glasses.
  • Grind with a wooden pestle or ice cream scooper for approximately 30 seconds for each glass.
  • Fill glasses with ice and pour 1 ounce of cannabis-infused rum and 1 ounce of coconut rum into each.
  • Add a splash of coconut water and a splash of coconut milk. If you’re using fresh coconuts, scoop out about 2 teaspoons of flesh and add a teaspoon to each glass (or add a teaspoon of coconut flakes to each glass).
  • Mix thoroughly. Serve.

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