Cannabis Wins Big in Alaska Election Tonight.

The cannabis industry had a big win tonight with Alaska voters once again saying “No” to cannabis prohibition.

Both the Kenai Borough, and the Fairbanks Borough cannabis industries were sitting on pins today.  The futures of the businesses were going to be decided tonight.

Tonight was a big election night in two different areas of Alaska.  Both areas playing huge roles in the Alaska marijuana industry, both facing marijuana bans.  Many industry leaders have shared the general thought that if the initiatives were to pass, the states whole industry would struggle to recover.   So tonight some young companies with very large investments on the line are heaving huge sighs of relief.

At 10:00pm 22 of 27 precincts in the Fairbanks North Star Borough reported a very clear “no” vote on Prop 1.  With 30.83% saying YES, and 69.17% saying NO.

The city of Fairbanks Prop A,  75% of precints reporting with a 71% NO.

In The Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Prop 1,  23 of the 24 precincts were showing a strong message.  Their “No” votes at 64.02% and 35.98% saying Yes.

This will make three “Local Option” elections that have been run since the residents of Alaska voted to make recreational cannabis legal in 2014.  The first was the Matanuska-Susitna Borough this time last year.  That election had the same results, a resounding “NO” to prohibition.

With each voter initiative ballot measure to ban Cannabis, it becomes very clear that the Residents of Alaska are recognizing its benefits.  Those being,  personal enjoyment, medication, or for the boost to the economy.  Cannabis has already added tens of millions of dollars into it.

These campaigns were run without any real visible opposition.  The “Keep Cannabis Legal” Campaign in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. and the”Keep Cannabis Legal Fairbanks” in Fairbanks.

Congratulations to them, their local areas, and to Alaska as a whole.