Bring the Green to your New Year’s Party.

Here are some ideas on how to introduce our favorite herb to the party.

Cannabis lovers have been dealt a raw deal for many decades, thanks to inaccurate fear based propaganda. This all began long ago with prohibition of cannabis starting at the beginning of the 20th century. Now, however, times are a changing and changing fast. With new laws sweeping the nation, we now know that about 30% of Americans live in a place with some type of legal cannabis laws. Thanks to new information being shared, those numbers are growing everyday. With cannabis being a $10B business just one year ago, legalization will only continue to grow.

Now its time to start changing the the stigma, bringing about a culture change. It’s now time to start introducing cannabis to the party. Eventually, we can help the joint find its rightful spot next to, or in place of, the cocktail bar.

What better time to do that then during one of the biggest parties of the year. This New Years Eve is a big one. We will be ringing in a new green decade!

For starters.

One must always take into account where the party that you are attending is being held. Is the party you are attending being held at a public venue? If so, be advised, there are laws in place in all legal states that address the “no public consumption”. Be sure to check the legalities before sparking up in the middle of a public party at the local park.

Next, its time to talk about it.

If you are planning to bring the green rolled or cooked into goodies, as a guest, clear the path first. Its always important to give your host a heads up and get the clearance.

If you happen to be the host most lifted this year, then all lights are green. Just be sure to clearly mark whatever infused goodies you may be offering. Here we are going to assume its an adults only party, but even so. There is little worse then unexpectedly over consuming THC. When introducing cannabis to newbies its important to talk about it with them first. Always warn them to go LOW and SLOW. We always suggest having pure CBD tincture on hand at any gathering, for those unexpected over indulgences.

Now let’s Spark one up, and be respectable about it.

Photo by Bryan Schneider

For those seasoned stoners, we all know the joys of lighting and sharing those fat joints, or beautiful blunts. It’s the easiest and most natural way to bring a party together, RIGHT?

However, with many folks moving away from combustibles for health reasons, it’s always best to plan for a smoking area away from the main party. We suggest providing a place outside with a fire pit for warmth, or just a comfy room with a cracked window. Offering a space away from the main party goers is always appreciated by those non-consumers. This simple step will help pave the way to changing stigmas. This is especially important for not offending those party goers not yet hip with the weed scene.

If you are the “weed rich” host, offering a dab bar, or a flower bar is always a big hit for your guests. However, since it is still so newly available to the average person, not many of us are in that weed rich category. No worries, we can always lean on an old “B.Y.O.B.” party favorite. People have been adding those four letters to party invites for years. Don’t forget, cannabis lovers are all about sharing. If you add a note to “bring your own bottle or bud to share” to any invite, the smoking options will quickly grow.

It’s time, bring on the drinks

New Years has always been associated with drinks, from cocktails throughout the night, to the special champagne toast at the stroke of midnight.

While searching for some fun canna drinks, we came across these recipes for the Top Three Cannabis Party Drinks recipes. You’re welcome. Just be sure to make the dosage on the very low side. We suggest no more then 5mg per drink, which gives just enough of a change to start to feel the effects for the newly introduced without being overwhelming, and also gives those of us who are seasoned pro’s the ability to have “a few” without having to whip out those CBD’s.

You will want to be sure to offer none infused drinks also, to combat any of those pesky cottonmouth moments, and anything with mint helps that in a big way. Having mint infused water handy is always a great host move, just for those desert dry moments. Your lifted friends will be appreciative of that little extra special touch.

And what’s a party without munchies?

We don’t know about you, but by the time New Years rolls around we want easy food options. New Years parties and finger foods, go together like mango and THC. Also at this point in the holidays who wants to cook a big meal? Well lucky for you we have found a great resource for you to explore for easy infused appetizer and snack recipes.

We love our cannabis goodies, but also know its super important that you offer at least two non-infused options for every one infused option. We all have heard that the ganja makes one search out snacks. Make sure to have the non-infused foods available for both your long time stoners and the newly green guests. Also keep an eye on the newbies. It’s easy to forget when something tastes great and you aren’t and old hat at the affects..

Whether you are throwing a Ganja Green Holiday, or are just bringing a tiny touch of green to someone else’s party, have a fantastic and safe New Years. May the next year be bountiful, and the next decade Be Blessedly Lifted.