• 3 AAC 306.005. License required
    (a) A marijuana establishment may not operate in the state unless it has obtained the applicable marijuana establishment license from the board. The board will issue the following marijuana establishment licenses under this chapter: a retail marijuana store license, granting authority for activities allowed under AS 17.38.070(a), and subject to the provisions of 3 AAC
  • 3 AAC 306.010. License restrictions
    (a) The board will not issue a marijuana establishment license if the licensed premises will be located within 500  feet of a school ground, a recreation or youth center, a building in which religious services are regularly conducted, or a correctional  facility.The distance specified in this subsection must be measured by the shortest pedestrian route from the
  • 3 AAC 306.015. License conditions
    (a) The board will issue each marijuana establishment license to a specific individual, to a partnership, including a limited partnership, to a limited liability company, to a corporation, or to a local government. A person other than a licensee may not have a direct or indirect financial interest in the business for which a marijuana
  • 3 AAC 306.020. Application for new license
    (a) An applicant for a new marijuana establishment license must file an application as provided in 3 AAC 306.025, on a form the board prescribes, with the information and documents described in this section, along with the application fee and the annual license fee set out in 3 AAC 306.100, and the fingerprint cards and
  • 3 AAC 306.025. Application procedure
    (a) An applicant must initiate a new marijuana establishment license or endorsement application on a form the board prescribes, using the board’s electronic system. (b) After initiating a new marijuana license or endorsement application, the applicant must give notice of the application to the public by posting a copy of the application, on the form