Start your cannabis career in Alaska today! classes are Thursdays 10am – 6pm

Follow link in graphic below to enroll in our next Zoom class. Simply pay the $75.00 registration fee, put the students full legal name, contact information, as well as the chosen Thursday (closed Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve) to sit in your own home or office and take the course with one of the states leading experts on Marijuana Regulation.

The licensed marijuana business is a lengthy and expensive business that many owners put everything they have into. Being that the marijuana industry is so heavily regulated, means it is an expensive business with little room for error. Employers can take comfort knowing that graduates of AkCannaEd have had real education on the proper care and handling of marijuana and working in a marijuana facility, be retail or cultivation.

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AkCannaEd is one of Alaska’s most extensive marijuana handlers permit courses. Our In-Person classes teach you everything you need to know to obtain your cannabis handlers card with the state of Alaska. When an employer knows you have been through the AkCannaEd handler’s course, they can have confidence knowing you have been taught how to properly handle and work in a cannabis facility.

State of Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Course information
State of Alaska website

“A marijuana establishment and each licensee, employee, or agent of the marijuana establishment who sells, cultivates, manufactures, tests, or transports marijuana or a marijuana product, or who checks the identification of a consumer or visitor, must obtain a marijuana handler permit from the board before being licensed or beginning employment at a marijuana establishment, per 3 AAC 306.700.”

We have created a quick reference resource library of the State of Alaska Marijuana Statutes and Regulations here or you can visit the States website.